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Who We Are?

Chaya Games (earlier as MonoStudios) is owned only by one person knowed as Chaya (also knowed as animator on YouTube platform). Currently working at one game titled "Chaya: The World Mission" it will be a first fully released and published game from her for pc and android and for many more platforms in the future! I'm a developer from over 4 years and I'm doing this because of my fun with it. 


history here starts in 2016, when I  started with programing and developing, it started from easy 2D games and 2 years later it changed to 2D&3D Games, first our (currently canceled) game was LLPC but this game was never released to this day and maybe never will be released but I don't know. In half of 2021 year I changed the name to Chaya Games and started working at Test game projects like Ball 3D or Brush. Now, I can't wait to release my "first" game!

Platforms I'm developing to

Currently (October, 2021) I'm  developing for PC and android only, in the upcoming future I'm planning to start developing also for iOS, Nintendo and PlayStation console. But more possible is developing for iOS and PlayStation, I'll start developing for to this platforms in 2022, but if we are talking about the PlayStation developing, I'll start in the middle of 2022 or in later 2025. But 2025 year is more possible than 2022, but I don't lose hope for starting in 2022!

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